More books, blogging, films; less tweeting

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As I’ve said before, social media and the vast majority of mainstream media is a sink on people’s time. Whilst I’ve done a pretty good job over the last 18 months of reducing my news consumption (see how and why), I’ve done much less well on social media, specifically Twitter (I’ve done ok reducing Facebook usage).

It’s a new year, though, so what the heck: let’s give a resolution of sorts a go.

Thus, I’m aiming to use Twitter considerably less over the coming weeks and months. Instead, I’m going to do four things:

  1. Continue to read books (mainly non-fiction). You can see what I’m reading on my Libib library
  2. Do the vast majority of my reading through RSS feeds (Feedly is my reader of choice – remember the good old days of Google Reader?)
  3. Capture what I’m reading and occasional reflections using Pinboard  – with links reflected on this site, too. (Remember the good old days of Delicious?)
  4. Finally, I aim to blog more regularly. A few posts will be original writing; most is likely to be reflections, comparisons and capturing themes of the stuff I’ve read above.

I’ll still tweet a bit – probably directing folks to the four things above (plus films I’m watching), but will be trying to limit the time spent on Twitter considerably. To help along the way, I’ve deleted the Twitter app from my phone – let’s see if that helps.

Happy 2016!


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8 thoughts on “More books, blogging, films; less tweeting”

  1. Hey Rich. Great to hear – I’ve vowed to do the same! I’ve been tweeting less, mainly because I’m spending more time reading. Really pleased to hear we’ll be seeing more blogging from you on what you’re reading – looking forward to it. Best new year wishes to you, Angela (@angelamatthews4).

  2. Good luck Rich! I certainly found cutting back on mainstream news media to be very helpful. I’ve tweeted a lot less in the last year but do miss some of my friends on Twitter. Facebook I find much harder to cut back on. I still get caught up mindlessly scrolling :-/ Any way Happy New Year and best of luck with your resolutions!

  3. Hi Rich,

    Happy New Year – I look forward to still seeing the occasional tweet from you. And just to flag that if you’d like to blog for you’d be very welcome.


    Debbie Sorkin
    National Director of Systems Leadership
    The Leadership Centre, Local Government House, Smith Square, London SW1P 3HZ
    Direct: 0207 664 3193
    Mobile: 0781 3744502
    Twitter: @DebbieSorkin2

    1. Thanks Debbie. No doubt there will still be the occasional tweet! And thanks for the offer of blogging – may very well take you up on that.

  4. Thanks Angela and Natalie! There’s something about solidarity in all this, and your comments are certainly very helpful in the first place!

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