Local Government Top Trumps

An idle thought about a game with what I predict would be limited but passionate devotees: Local Government Top Trumps.

(Talk about the Long Tail.)

It would be for upper-tier local authorities, and my first stab at the categories would be as follows:

  • Gloriousness of town hall architecture – e.g. Manchester Council would do well whereas Buckinghamshire CC wouldn’t)
  • Worst strapline (the worse the better) – tough category, as you can tell from this list
  • Overall budget – from here (higher the better)
  • Political stability – the fewer changes over the last 50 years the better
  • Appetite for publicity (Barnet, Suffolk = high, Rutland, Bournemouth  = low)
  • Council with worst Ward on indices of deprivation (derived from here – we all know Councils like to boast that they have the poorest ward in the country)
  • Distance from London (the greater the distance the better its score: literal localism)

What do you think? And what categories would you suggest? Leave a comment or tweet me (@rich_w) and we’ll see if we can come up with a definitive set of categories.

(If people are genuinely interested in this as an idea, and for a bit of fun, I’d be happy to bring together some sort of crowdsourcing campaign and get maybe 2-300 sets produced and circulate to people. It would be a revenue-neutral affair, but we’d all have something fun and lovely we can play with.)


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