Local Government Top Trumps

An idle thought about a game with what I predict would be limited but passionate devotees: Local Government Top Trumps.

(Talk about the Long Tail.)

It would be for upper-tier local authorities, and my first stab at the categories would be as follows:

  • Gloriousness of town hall architecture – e.g. Manchester Council would do well whereas Buckinghamshire CC wouldn’t)
  • Worst strapline (the worse the better) – tough category, as you can tell from this list
  • Overall budget – from here (higher the better)
  • Political stability – the fewer changes over the last 50 years the better
  • Appetite for publicity (Barnet, Suffolk = high, Rutland, Bournemouth  = low)
  • Council with worst Ward on indices of deprivation (derived from here – we all know Councils like to boast that they have the poorest ward in the country)
  • Distance from London (the greater the distance the better its score: literal localism)

What do you think? And what categories would you suggest? Leave a comment or tweet me (@rich_w) and we’ll see if we can come up with a definitive set of categories.

(If people are genuinely interested in this as an idea, and for a bit of fun, I’d be happy to bring together some sort of crowdsourcing campaign and get maybe 2-300 sets produced and circulate to people. It would be a revenue-neutral affair, but we’d all have something fun and lovely we can play with.)


YouTune no.29: Brett Domino special

I’ll put a warning on this one straight away: if you haven’t heard or seen Brett Domino yet, and you have a slightly off sense of humour (like I do), then I recommend you come back when you have a couple of hours spare. Once you’ve seen the videos below, you’ll want to get some more.

Quite aside from the brilliance of the idea, the ability to execute these medleys in the way they are, with the production values and attention to detail, is second to none.

I commend to you Brett Domino. First up, the Justin Timberlake Medley:

Second, a cover of Bad Romance:


Friday puzzle, no.14 (one week later edition)

It may very well be that you get 2 Friday Puzzles today. Think of it as a BOGOF special from your very own arbitrary constant.

Anyway, here’s last week’s puzzle:

At the recent race meet, the 100 metres heats were closely monitored. Each contestant had to run in two races so that the average place could be determined. Only one runner finished in the same place in both races. Alan was never last. Charlie always beat Darren. Brian had at least one first place. Alan finished third in at least one of the races. Both Darren and Charlie had a second place. What were the two results?

The answer was: Race 1: Brian, Charlie, Alan, Darren. Race 2: Charlie, Darren, Alan, Brian.

Here’s this week’s puzzle, courtesy of Brainbashers:

A cricketer’s average in his first 18 innings was 16.5 runs. After a further 8 innings, his average had increased to 32.5 runs. What was his average for the last 8 innings? Note: you don’t need any cricket skills to solve this puzzle, nor do you need to know what an innings consists of.

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