Social care user survey results, 2010/11

Being a bit of a geek, I always look forward to the publication of the Personal Social Services Adult Social Care Survey.

This year’s (2010/11) provisional report was published in September, and the final report will be available next month.

Here are some of the findings I found most interesting. (Read the full report for comprehensive methodology statement, including sample size and a return rate – get this – of 40%!)

Satisfaction with care and support services

  • 62% of service users who responded said that they were extremely or very satisfied with the care and support services they receive
  • 28% said they were quite satisfied
  • 7% said they were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
  • 3% said they were dissatisfied


  • 30% reported they have as much control as they want over their daily life
  • 45% reported they have adequate control
  • 20% reported they have some control but not enough
  • 5% reported they had no control

Quality of life

  • 26% of respondents reported their quality of life was so good it could not be better, or very good
  • 31% reported it was good
  • 33% reported it was alright
  • 7% reported their quality of life was bad
  • 3% reported their quality of their life was very bad, or so bad it could not be worse


  • 62% of respondents felt as safe as they wanted
  • 30% felt adequately safe, but not as safe as they would like
  • 5% felt less than adequately safe
  • 2% did not feel safe at all.

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