Introducing the #BogSociety

Whilst writing a presentation yesterday, I accidentally typed “Bog Society” instead of “Big Society”. My genius friend and fellow blogger Phil C seized on the opportunity and came up with the idea for a meme, based on willful mispellings. His first offer was

WAGsociety: footballers’ wives help out in their local community

Which, I think you’ll agree, is brilliant.

As a result, here are various #Bogsociety ideas we game up with (Phil – PC, or me – RW).

DOGsociety: local kennel club members take young children for walkies at the same time to give their parents a break (PC)

CIGsociety: smokers congregate outside doorways on rainy days in solidarity & ill-health to share stories of “the old days” (RW)

GIGsociety: unemployed and isolated older people given jobs as roadies, sound techs, groupies etc. (PC)

DIGsociety: JCB operatives volunteer their time at a local village hall to help with landscaping for Britain in Bloom entries (RW)

JIGsociety: troupes of morris dancers employed as replacement community support officers, binmen, firemen etc. (PC)

FOGsociety: Meteorologists provide free weather reports to village fayre organisers, in order to guarantee a sunny day (RW)

MIGsociety: ex-USSR fighter pilots meet with old RAFers to recall memories and stave off older age and associated conditions (RW)

Two fellow bloggers also added their ideas, as follows:

POGSociety: people compete to win small round discs to exchange for benefits, healthcare etc (from @mrsblogs)

FIGsociety. Rich and privileged people show off that they couldn’t care less (from @christineburns)

Feel free to join in with your suggestions, either in the comments or using the tag #bogsociety.


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3 thoughts on “Introducing the #BogSociety”

  1. I give you BIBsociety, in which babies are encouraged to volunteer from the earliest possible age.

  2. So obviously BIG not being a four letter word, I found this somewhat difficult but…
    TITSociety – Page 3/Nuts ‘stunnas’ clean the streets and provide ‘comfort’ to those in old people’s homes
    POOSociety – people bag up their shit and take it to the local waste to energy plant (I shit you not
    KOPsociety – Scousers get together to reminisce about the glory days and bemoan rich yanks

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