Riders of the storm

A few weeks ago it was suggested that Nick Boles was the outrider-in chief of the Cameron administration, scouting out in front of the pack, flying kites and taking a kicking as the ultimate futility of the policy is proven but perhaps the faithful are placated.

It seems the Prime Minister is in the envious position of being protected by two outriders, Boles and any Lib Dem that comes to hand. Now it may be my cynicism getting the better of me but calls today by Lib Dem Lord Oakshott for a “tougher bonus tax” seem a little hollow. Look out for mild condemnation in due course from the Tory right, mild (meek?) support from the Lib Dem heirarchy and then the whole matter to be entirely forgotten as a “sensible”, “moderate” and “measured” approach to city bonuses is agreed by the Government.


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