Friday puzzle, no.23 (Thursday edition)

In an unheard of departure from the normal publishing schedule of the Friday puzzle, this week’s edition comes to you a day early. I’m not sure the normal time-space continuum will be able to cope with this, but let’s see what happens.

First, the answer to last week’s puzzle:

A farmer was asked how many chickens he had sold at market that day. His reply was: “I’ve had four customers today, and each bought half of my remaining chickens, plus a half chicken.” The farmer sold all of his chickens at market that day. How many chickens did the farmer sell?

The answer was 15 chickens.

This week’s puzzle:

These words can all have a letter added and then be rearranged to make a new 5-letter word. The letters added spell a 9-letter word. What are the new words? HERB, BANG, KEEN, SUIT, QUAD, WHEY, CELL, TOIL WILD

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One thought on “Friday puzzle, no.23 (Thursday edition)”

  1. Fantastic Friday puzzle! I love linguistic puzzles. I spent hours on this yesterday but still can’t work it out. Will keep trying, ’cause it’s a matter of English-teacher pride now. 😛

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