7 reasons why I was late for meetings with @paul_clarke

Apropos of this.

  1. I was involuntarily detained for several hours whilst a man explained to me it was him who had invented the #uksnow hashtag
  2. Whilst writing a film treatment of the GDS story (working title: “One Website to Rule Them All”), I spent too long deliberating if Francis Maude or Mike Bracken should be the Gandalf-type character
  3. The sight of Tim Kelsey in animated discussion with Achilles and a tortoise stopped me in my tracks
  4. I was playing Flappy Bird
  5. I couldn’t figure out if the position of the apostrophe in “The Taxpayers’ Alliance” means they represent me or not, so I spent much longer on the phone than I anticipated talking about it to the founder of Pret A Manger and Itsu
  6. I’ve spent all morning trying to think of an aphorism
  7. I was walking through central London when I saw some bloke on a Brompton giving me weird looks. He said he thought I was a bit of a character and asked if he could take my photo. Weirdo.



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Man of letters & numbers; also occasionally of action. Husband to NTW. Dad of three. Friendly geek.

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