Free training through the London Brokerage Network / @NBNLondonRegion

Andrew Carpenter of the London Brokerage Network is offering a number of free training places for three accredited support brokerage courses being run.

These are aimed at people who have had direct experience of care services and are being run thanks to funding from Skills for Care’s Workforce Innovation Fund).

Following the training, applicants will also have a year’s free membership of the new London Brokerage Network.

This is a time of great change within the social care system, but Personalisation is not always being rolled out properly. There is a real opportunity to build a new and appropriate workforce that is capable of co-producing Advice and Brokerage services and challenging the status quo. There is a real chance to shape the future of Brokerage as it should be done, with disabled people themselves not just having a say, but actively developing services themselves within their communities.

Brokerage is much more than just writing a support plan.

The London Brokerage Network is an independent membership organisation, providing a badge of quality for brokers, a code of practice, and useful online brokerage tools, including a chat forum and database. Following the training, applicants will get a year’s free membership, which should help to form the basis of future brokerage work.

To find out more about this opportunity, please visit the London Brokerage Network website and/or contact Andrew via or on Twitter @ NBNLondonRegion.


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