#dpulo Twitter discussion tomorrow night (8-9pm) – sources of funding for DPULOs

Every Tuesday night between 8-9pm, the Strengthening Disabled People’s User-Led Organisation programme has a Twitter discussion using the hashtag #dpulo.

This week’s theme is such a vital one for DPULOs that we thought we’d promote it more than we usually do. The theme is:

What sources of funding are there for Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations?

As well as pointing you to what’s out there funding-wise, we’ll also be available to answer your questions about the Facilitation Fund – a relatively straightforward source of funding designed specifically for DPULOs.

To get involved, follow the #dpulo hashtag between 8-9pm on Tuesday night. You can also follow @oliwood1981 – who will be driving the discussion – and @rich_w – who will be Oli’s glamorous assistant!


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