Friday puzzle, no.31 (first in September edition)

Imagine my surprise at reaching the first edition of the Friday puzzle to be in September. Surely September has arrived at least two months early this year?

Still, we shall plough on with the answer to last week’s puzzle:

Here are 10 well-known six letter words, with only their endings remaining. Can you determine the words?

…era / …cil / …uld / …nis / …nda / …phy / …may / …ese / …eum / …axy

The answer was CAMera / PENcil / SHOuld / TENnis / AGEnda / TROphy / DISmay / CHEese / MUSeum / GALaxy.

Here’s this week’s puzzle:

I am compiling the BrainBashers world almanac and it now contains lots of pages. I know that it takes 121 digits to print the page numbers in sequence. How many numbered pages does the book have and how many times does the number 9 appear?

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