YouTune no.19: A master craftsman

A true master of the art; a genuine genius when it comes to the well-honed melody and the spare, graceful accompaniment; and amongst the absolute very best in the field of the wittiest, funniest and sharpest lyricists: Nick Lowe is one of my musical heroes.

A mover and a shaker in the post-punk world of the late seventies/early eighties new wave movement, Lowe is best known as the man behind the man behind the heavy-rimmed specs – Elvis Costello (as Costello’s producer) – but I’ll leave him for another day. Lowe often gets described as a songwriters’ songwriter, in the same mould as someone like Randy Newman, but unlike Pixar’s chief soundtrack artist there’s nothing arch about Lowe: his songs have a warmth (both tonal and thematic) that shines through in a way that Newman only sometimes manages.

For now, simply recline and enjoy this superb performance by Lowe of his exquisite track Long Limbed Girl. It conveys a moment, a feeling, a sensation – that of recalling a passion of the past until now long-forgotten – in such a way that, like all great art, it actually enriches your appreciation of such moments. And man, those horns!


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