In it for a biscuit

I don’t normally follow the ins and outs of rugby, but if it’s normally this funny, I may have to start:

A row has broken out between the Rugby Football Union and Saracens over a disputed disciplinary case. Sarries criticised the way boss Brendan Venter was handed a misconduct charge following an incident at Leicester… The RFU released an 11-page statement on Thursday, in which it observed Venter’s “arrogant behaviour” during the hearing, citing his eating of biscuits and sweets as examples.

As the Saracens’ Chief Exec rightly asks:

Why did the RFU provide biscuits if they were not to be eaten?

(In related news, it should be noted that Salford Council were ahead of the RFU in their thinking, because they removed biscuits from their meetings. They obviously knew what trouble they could cause and decided not to run the risk.)


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