Friday puzzle, no. 17 (real edition)

I was having a little bit of fun with the last edition of the Friday Puzzle. The answer was, of course, full coalition.

Meanwhile, here’s the answer to the last-but-one puzzle:

Kevin and Daniel were rowing their canoe along the River Trent. In the morning they managed to row upstream at an average speed of 2 miles per hour. They then stopped for a spot of lunch and a nice rest. In the afternoon, the pace was a little easier as they were now rowing downstream, and managed an average speed of 4 miles an hour. The morning trip took them 3 hours longer than the afternoon. How far did they row upstream?

Answer: 12 miles. Here’s this week’s puzzle, courtesy of Brainbashers:

During the recent Dezzlup Cup, the first four horses did well to finish ahead of the opposition. After Dinner was not last and the horse wearing blue was not third. Bitter Twist was before the horse in green. Dare Devil came first. Bitter Twist finished before After Dinner. Catch Me wore red but Bitter Twist did not wear yellow. Can you determine where each horse finished and the colours they wore?

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