War and peace (or health and social care)

There’s not much in life that West Wing can’t be a useful guide to.

Take this exchange, between Percy Fitzwallace (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) and Leo McGarry (President Bartlett’s Chief of Staff):

Admiral Percy Fitzwallace: Can you tell when it’s peacetime and wartime anymore?

Leo McGarry: No.

Admiral Percy Fitzwallace: I don’t know who the world’s leading expert on warfare is, but any list of the top has got to include me, and I can’t tell when it’s peacetime and wartime anymore.

This reminds me a little bit of health and social care. I’m not sure which is war and which is peace, but I do know that the boundaries between the two (including in mental health) are as fuzzy as Fitz finds in his area of expertise.

Whenever the time is right, I’d recommend it as a question to ask colleagues: the range of answers is fascinating.

The full exchange between Fitz and Leo is here:


YouTune no.27: Brothers in Arms (West Wing edition)

Apologies for the lack of proper posting over the last week. Work has rudely interrupted what was getting to be quite a nice blogging habit.

Anyway, easing myself back into the driving seat I find myself reaching for the comfort of a YouTunes entry.

I had always been a fan of Dire Straits, mainly because I was a keen guitar player in my youth. You may rightly ask the question: what kind of kid wants to play Dire Straits on his guitar instead of, say, Nirvana? And you’d be right to ask the question. I merely note that that’s the kind of kid I was.

So imagine my utter delight when the Season 2 finale of West Wing combined some of the finest television drama there has ever been with Brothers in Arms.

Here, for your absolute pleasure, is the finale (spoilers):

If you know of any other brilliant soundtrack like this, do please share it in the comments.