Discrimination: Pushing boundaries and crossing the line

Today’s Double Take on 5 Live talked about some comments the producer of QI had made about comedy on television becoming “bland”.

To illustrate the point, the presenters suggested that potential or actual reactions to Miranda’s recent “chocolate lollipop penis” or Frankie Boyle’s comments about Katie Price’s disabled son demonstrated it was hard to push the boundaries of comedy on television.

Putting these two examples in the same sentence is ridiculous. One is sexual humour. The other is plain discrimination, and as such is in contravention of equality law.

What makes this discussion worse is the fact it followed a news bulletin item in which Trevor Brooking called for more direct action to be taken in countries where football fans are not dealt with appropriately for making racist comments towards players.

The conclusion I was left to drawn is that it’s crossing the line when well-known participants in a high-profile activity are targets of racist abuse, but that it’s pushing the boundary when the disabled child of a well-known celebrity is the target of discriminatory abuse.