Sharing #dpulo learning and resources: People First Ltd and Easy Read

A key component of the Strengthening DPULOs Programme is sharing learning and resources as far and as wide as possible.

The principle is to shorten the distance between what a DPULO might need and them being able to get it – be it some information, a template, a contact etc.

The main audience for this learning is DPULOs, though other organisations (including the VCS more generally, social enterprises, mutuals, public bodies and others) may also find the learning and resources useful, too.

Now that some of the first projects funded by the Facilitation Fund are coming to a close, we’re starting to get some interesting learning coming through.

The first – from People First Ltd’s work on their Easy Read offer – is available below. I hope you find it useful.

If you have learning you’d like to share, please let me know:, in the comments below or via @rich_w on Twitter.

Learning from People First Ltd:

  • Their work focused on developing and selling their Easy Read training to support the organisation’s sustainability
  • They focused their time on who to contact first to Councils in London and made personal contact with each Council
  • They also looked at their wider network of public sector bodies and contacts they had within those
  • They used the free service for charities that the Media Trust provides, securing several days of support
  • Media Trust helped People First Ltd to focus their key messages and the best way of presenting these to organisations that might potential purchase their Easy Read service
  • A personalised approach to making contact with potential clients, though more time consuming, is far more effective.

The full set of learning is captured in the document below.

People First Ltd has also produced a set of Easy Read standards, which are available below.