Free website Google analytics opportunity for a #dpulo

Dan Nash is a colleague of Rachael Wallach, one of the Strengthening DPULOs Programme Ambassadors. Below is a free offer for one DPULO who Dan feels he can best support. If you’d like to express an interest in this opportunity, please email in the first instance. (Note – comments / tweets etc. unfortunately won’t be considered for this.)

Do you need some help enhancing your marketing & web presence? Do you have a website with a steady stream of traffic? Do you have Google analytics installed but don’t actively use it?

I’m the ex-head of marketing for Napster and I’m looking for a website with a steady stream of traffic that has Google analytics installed but is not actively using it to use as a case study for a marketing course.

I won’t need any input from you or your staff.

In return for access to your Google analytics account my aim is to create a bespoke dashboard and undertake performance analysis of your website that will give you a better understanding of the people accessing your website and how to market it as effectively as possible.

I’d also be happy to support your staff to use the dashboard and analytics to develop your online marketing / social media strategy.

Do get in touch if you’re interested and it would be very helpful if you could give me some idea of your current set up and what your digital objectives are.

To express an interest in this opportunity, please email in the first instance.


Sharing #dpulo data

Earlier on this week during the excellent #dpulo Twitter chat, there were lots of requests for Disabled People’s User-Led Organisation data.

I’m therefore pleased to say that below is embedded a public Google spreadsheet which contains the names, websites and locations of all DPULOs that the Strengthening DPULOs Programme is currently aware of.

A few points:

  • This is publicly available information. (In fact, this public spreadsheet is a version of a more substantial spreadsheet we have, which does (potentially) contain data that might not be publicly available.)
  • I would never claim this is a full list of DPULOs. As such, if you know of a DPULO that isn’t on the list, please (a) add it to the list (making it obvious you have!), and (b) tell me about the DPULO in the comments below or by emailing or tweeting me @rich_w
  • If you do anything interesting with this information, please let me know (using the details above)
  • I’ve created a map of DPULOs, which I can’t quite get to embed below. However, you can view the map here: Map of DPULOs
  • If you are so inclined, any help you can give with the income/expenditure columns of the spreadsheet (using the Charity Commission website or Open Charities) would be much appreciated
  • I am by no means an expert in all this fancy Google stuff. If anyone out there (a) is, (b) is mortally offended by the amateur-ish nature of my attempts above and below, and (c) fancies spending some time with me to help, then all assistance would be warmly received and appropriate praise lavished upon you.

The Google spreadsheet is here: Mapping Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations v2 – public. It is fully shared so you can edit and add to it as you see fit. The same spreadsheet is embedded below.

Have fun!