A space to discuss the #Dilnot report

Tomorrow sees the publication of the Dilnot Commission’s report into the funding of care and support – a significant policy development for anyone interested in social care for people of all ages.

Discussion on Twitter has used the #dilnot hashtag for people’s thoughts and to share links/information regarding the Commission. I’ve also been using the dilnot tag for my (hopefully) comprehensive list of links relating to Dilnot on delicious.

This post aims to provide people with a space to discuss in more than 140 characters their thoughts, feelings and perspectives on the Dilnot report.

Of course, there will be plenty of debate in many different places, so there’s no particular reason why you should use just this post. Hopefully, though, it’s a useful place to start and you’ll join the debate.

I’ll update this page with responses from as many organisations and blogs as they are published – let me know any you think should be included.

By way of background, an excellent overview of the challenges Dilnot is seeking to address was written by Emma Stone at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. A great overview of what social care is has been written by my good friend George Julian, and the King’s Fund’s social care pages are also fab.

Please do get stuck in!


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