Arbitrary Constant is the personal blog of Rich Watts.

The site originally started at Arbitrary Constant in 2003 and migrated to WordPress some time in 2011.

The topics you can expect to read about (updated in 2016) include:

  • Reflections on public policy and public services. Policy blogging will mostly be on social care, health and disability equality. Public service blogging will be on all sorts, including integration, commissioning, evidence and change. What you won’t get here is the latest gossip on (party) politics and politicians.
  • Books. Not reviews as such, but a record of the books I’m reading, quotes from them I’ve found provoking or reflections prompted by the book. The vast majority will be non-fiction (politics, history, quasi-academic) with bits of fiction thrown in.
  • Interesting writing elsewhere. Sharing great posts and writing from other blogs and publications, especially bringing together different posts that cover similar themes.
  • Films. Some bad film criticism – not criticism of bad films, but bad criticism of films. It will probably be A-Level standard stuff.
  • Self. The occasional post reflecting on trying to be a good person, and the attempts of others to also be so. Will include some posts on running.

The site details an evolution of thinking over time on a variety of topics (which is only right, really), so it’s important to recognise that the views here are entirely personal and may or may not be what I currently think about things.


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