We can’t all be change agents

Around 16% of people in an organisation are change agents. About 50% of people are late adopters or laggards.

change agents
Image via Helen Bevan on Twitter

Similarly, around 13% of employees are engaged contributers in the workplace:

Image via School for Change Agents

All the rest are compliant – disconnected from the purpose of their organisation, controlled by performance management and procedures, largely resistant to change.

An idle thought: though we’d all dearly love to be change agents and contributors, by definition, we can’t all be change agents; we can’t all be contributors.

Half the battle – actually, over 80% of the battle – may be recognising our place in the organisational picture.


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2 thoughts on “We can’t all be change agents”

  1. Hmmm I fear that you are getting this stuff from the ‘school for change agents’ – a dubious enterprise in my view. I get really irritated when we assume that everyone wants to be ‘change agents’. Imagine what a world would be like full change agents – there would be no permanence, no ‘just good enough’ – instead a nightmare of relentless enthusiasm. Seriously thought I think that for many people turning up to work – doing an ok job and going home again is a perfectly acceptable and reasonable option – it does not mean that they are disconnected or alienated – it just means that they have other things they want to do and that float their boat.

    All the best – Mark

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