When it comes to #mentalhealth, how mad does government think we are?

Detentions under the Mental Health Act have gone up.

(How’s that Mental Health Crisis Concordat working out?)

The proportion of people with mental health problems who are supported in the community has gone down.

(Those 52 local authority mental health champions are doing well.)

And there have been real-terms cuts to adult mental health funding year on year since 2010 and a similar picture for children’s mental health services.

MH spending 0809 to 1314 h

It’s ok, though, because these things have happened only at a time when we’ve had arguably the greatest focus there has ever been on the mental health system. Plus, the upcoming mental health taskforce will, I’m sure, succeed where every previous attempt to change the mental health system has failed before. (By the way, where is it? The engagement findings were trailed in June (though not actually published until September) and suggested an “emerging findings” report in the “next month or so”. I am Jack’s sense of apprehension…)

I know we’re supposed to be positive and be the change we wish to see. But, really, there’s only so much bollocks people can take, isn’t there?


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