Riding the Rainbow on #jaspersride

JaspersRideIn the end we cycled 272.3 miles up 12,850 feet of hills in a total of 25h28m. I burnt 11,274 calories as 13 others cyclists ranging in ages from 15 to 70 crossed through 7 counties across 5 days.

As we set off, the fundraising target of £5,000 was already achieved and (as I write) we edge ever closer to an amount that could never have been anticipated: £10,000 – incredible support for Warwick Maternity Unit and Special Baby Care Unit, Edward’s Trust and Sands, all of which are organisations who support families when the worst happens to their youngest babies and children.

Numbers, though, only tell a fraction of this story.

What #jaspersride was about and who it was for is Holly, Jon, Tessy and Jasper. Their story is here.

No single post, photo or tweet could capture the spirit of what they have created through Jasper’s Rainbow and this first of many endeavours. In bringing Jasper to this world for seven hours and what they have done since, Holly, Jon and Tessy have brought so many people together and encouraged us all to be our better selves in celebration of their baby boy. As they have put it themselves:

What would any mother wish their son to achieve in their life?

To know happiness and love?

To inspire and motivate?

To achieve remarkable things?

To comfort others?

To bring out the best in others?

To bring people together?

To leave the world a better place than before he existed?

Jasper Eric Hawkesford, your life was just 7 hours long but somehow you managed to do all that! I am full of pride and love for you.

This wasn’t of their choosing, and in it Holly, Jon and Tessy have been extraordinary when all they may have wanted to be was anything but.


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