Rich’s Christmas / New Year’s Eve Quiz, 2014

Each year I put together a little Christmas / New Year’s Eve Quiz for some friends (here’s 2013). It’s questions about interesting things I’ve seen over the year, but in an accessible question format.

This year the rounds cover 2014, contemporary politics, music (from a Spotify playlist) and general knowledge, for a total of 30 questions.

If you’re hosting a quiz in the last few days of any festive break you’re having (e.g. a New Year’s Eve party) and need a quiz that works for a general audience, then below is a copy of my quiz (both .docx files in Dropbox). Feel free to use it however you wish!


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Man of letters & numbers; also occasionally of action. Husband to NTW. Dad of three. Friendly geek.

3 thoughts on “Rich’s Christmas / New Year’s Eve Quiz, 2014”

  1. You have just saved me hours! I normally do this for friends but, for various reasons, haven’t found time this year. Thank you very much and have a Happy New Year!

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