Best sources of social care data

Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework steLast week the Department of Health launched the Adult Social Care Efficiency Tool.

It’s “only” a spreadsheet, but

provides a basis for comparing spending and outcomes between councils and helps directors of adult social services and local authority financial leads to find new opportunities for improving adult social care efficiency.

As such, it is well worth checking out.

This means there are now five really useful, easy-to-use tools that help to compare data on a range of issues across local authorities.

The other four are:

  1. HSCIC’s adult social care outcomes tool – interactive map with data about adult social care in local authorities around the country, using outcome measures from the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) 2013-14
  2. Mental health intelligence network (MHIN) (incorporating Community Mental Health profiles) – a hub which brings together data already collected around mental health and wellbeing, under themes including common mental health problems, severe mental illness, and children and young people
  3. IHaL’s Learning Disability community profiles – numbers on how many people have learning disabilities in a given area and how health they are, how much health care they get and how well social services are looking out for them
  4. Public Health England’s Public Health profiles – a snapshot overview of health, health inequalities and wellbeing for each local authority in England.







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