#WMHD13 – round-up of interesting links

World Mental Health Day was on Thursday, and it was great to see so much coverage in both traditional and social media about the day.

There was a huge range of information, research and personal stories shared throughout the day – a look through #WMHD is well worth the time if you have chance.

Here are my top few links from the day, with a very brief explanation of why:

  • Time to Change’s aggregated page of everything it’s doing on WMHD – ‘nuff said!
  • Esteem for people with mental health issues – Dr Geraldine Strathdee is NHS England’s Clinical Director for Mental Health, and this is a great summary of (a) what NHS England think is important about mental health, and (b) what they’re doing about it
  • Doc Ready for older people? – Doc Ready supports young people with MH problems to get the most out of appointments with their GP. The natural extension is that it’s available for all, and starting with older people is a great idea for an area that doesn’t get the focus it needs
  • A £500k investment in Mindfull – supporting online the mental health of children and young people
  • The mental health of LGBT people – great collection of research from Stonewall. Mental health – just like people and protected characteristics – is never an isolated issue

And a nice tweet from Norman Lamb, who I suspect will be doing some great stuff on mental health whilst he’s Care Services Minister.

Though it didn’t happen exactly on World Mental Health Day, any round-up like this must include Lisa Rodrigues’s post about her own mental health:

Some readers might think my disclosure is self-indulgent psychobabble. Others may feel that someone so flaky shouldn’t be running a big mental health trust. My reason for writing it is because of views like these.

That someone so senior (Lisa is Chief Executive of a mental health provider trust) can share such experiences is both progress and reassuring, in all senses of both of those words.



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