#DPULO resources and policy documents

This post is one for the policy geeks: you have been warned!

There is a pretty good existing amount of resources available for Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations (DPULOs) to support them in their development. Part of the issue, though, is that people don’t know where they are, how to access them or what to do with them.

One of the aims of the Strengthening DPULOs Programme is to both establish a repository of all such information that is as comprehensive as possible and to develop new resources that significantly complement and add value to existing information.

As such, the programme aims to capture, aggregate and share any relevant information that can support the development of DPULOs.

In the meantime, below is a full overview of the resources and information available on the topic of DPULOs that I’m aware of. It covers:

  • DPULOs and policy – the documents that form the framework for the role of Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations within policy
  • Broader Civil Society resources with a disability/personalisation perspective – a selection of resources that focus on building the capacity of organisations within the fields of disability and personalisation
  • Learning resources for DPULOs – full details of the resources focused specifically on building the capacity of user-led organisations

Inevitably this won’t be fully comprehensive, and will be updated over time. Thus, if you know of any other relevant resources, please do let me know about them.

DPULOs  and policy

A number of documents form the framework for the role of Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations within policy. The following are documents specific to DPULOs, their role in this policy environment and ways in which they can develop their work in order to positively respond:

The following are documents that establish the policy environment specifically in social care and health to which DPULOs contribute:

Broader Civil Society resources with a disability / personalisation perspective

There is a significant amount of information available to support Civil Society organisations to build their capacity and/or respond to the personalisation agenda in social care. However, capacity building support dedicated to disability and Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations is not as well developed. The resources below are a selection of better quality resources with more of a focus on disability and DPULOs.

Learning resources for DPULOs

There are a number of resources focused specifically on building the capacity of disabled people’s user-led organisations. The first two capture learning drawn specifically from the Department of Health’s DPULO Development Fund work between 2008-10. The rest are resources dedicated specifically to DPULOs from other strands of work and include a number of DPULO case studies or the work commissioners are doing to support DPULOs.

Both the Department of Health and ecdp (a DPULO based in Essex) have produced short videos demonstrating the work being done to build the capacity of DPULOs, as well as the work some DPULOs are doing in their local community. These are embedded below:

Social Care TV also has a dedicated video on personalisation and User-Led Organisations, available here. There are also a considerable number of videos about DPULOs that use the “DPULO hashtag” on YouTube.


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