Capturing and demonstrating the value and benefits of your services – Invitation to #dpulo

This information was recently published by Inclusion London. I’m replicating it below, though substituting “DPULOs” for “DDPO” so it’s consistent with the terminology used in previous posts.

Now more than ever DPULOs need to evidence the value and benefits they bring to the services and contracts they deliver.

Earlier this year Inclusion London commissioned the Office of Public Management (OPM) to develop an easy to use, accessible ‘added-value’ tool kit that would help DPULOs demonstrate to funders and commissioners the value and benefits they bring to service delivery.

The first phase of this project is coming to an end – a bespoke added-value tool kit has been developed and tested by 6 London Deaf and disabled peoples’ organisations.

We now have successfully secured funding to roll out the toolkit to a further group of London DPULOs. DPULOs chosen will receive free training and support to use the toolkit and will, by the end of the project, have:

  • Produced a case study, using the toolkit, that demonstrates the value and benefits of your services that can be used when applying for funding or contracts
  • Understand the different ways you can best demonstrate your value to funders and commissioners
  • Be able to use the toolkit across a range of your services and work

Inclusion London would like to invite your organisation to express an interest in taking part in the second phase of this project.

If you are interested please email your details to Closing date for expression of interest: 17 December 2012. Work with DPULOs chosen will begin in January 2013.


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