Local #Healthwatch and #dpulo – useful mapping spreadsheet

I wrote a few weeks ago about the big opportunity that I think Healthwatch presents for Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations (DPULOs).

In particular, there are 3 things I think DPULOs should be excited by when it comes to local Healthwatch:

  1. DPULOs can be the local HealthWatch. Many local authorities are starting to tender contracts for the local HW functions, and DPULOs can bid to deliver these contracts
  2. DPULOs can be part of the local HealthWatch. If they don’t want to bid directly for the contract, they can either partner formally with those who do, or perhaps deliver parts of the contract as subcontractors
  3. DPULOs can ensure the voice of disabled people is represented on local HealthWatch through being involved in its work. They can do this by finding out who is or will be delivering the local HealthWatch and sharing how they can support them in their work and engaging with disabled people – through partnership working, information sharing, direct engagement work etc.

Because I’m that kind of person, I’ve created a spreadsheet of all local authority areas, whether they have started the contracting process for their local Healthwatch and what the (approximate) value of the contract might be. This is embedded below, and I encourage anyone who has any info or is interested in this type of thing to add any updates they’re aware of (or make corrections to the info currently there).

I’ll add to the spreadsheet as and when I get more info, so feel free to keep checking back.


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