#dpulo: share your innovation experiences with the New Economics Foundation

Have you designed, developed or provided innovative services for disabled people?

As part of the Strengthening DPULOs Programme, we’ve been part of some interesting work the New Economics Foundation are doing. We’re now looking for some examples of great stuff DPULOs are doing on public service delivery that NEF can write about…

The New Economics Foundation (NEF) are looking for examples of innovations in local services for disabled people. The best case studies will be included in a major report to be published in autumn 2012 and promoted to local authorities and their partners.

Services may include care and support, children’s services, housing, education, skills development and training, transport, and community safety and cohesion. NEF are particularly interested in innovative services that do some or all of the following:

  • Ensure greater choice and control for disabled people
  • Are personalised, person-centred, and flexible
  • Recognise and develop the skills and abilities of disabled people, their families and peers
  • Help to prevent problems, rather than just responding to them
  • Are financially viable and sustainable
  • Make local communities and society more inclusive for disabled people.

This is a great opportunity to promote your innovation and it would be great to showcase the work of DPULOs.

If you’re interested in providing a case study, please send a brief description of the service you provide to Strengthening DPULOs Programme Ambassador Lynne Turnbull (lturnbull.dpulo@btinternet.com).


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