People and #socialcare

  1. People are rightly outraged and concerned by treatment of older people in residential care settings
  2. People are horrified by events such as Winterbourne View, and how vulnerable people are treated in some institutions
  3. People very rarely think about any future care and support needs they might have, and what they might do about this
  4. People (or those that have thought about it) generally agree there isn’t enough money in the social care system
  5. People don’t want to sell their house to help meet any future care and support needs they might have
  6. People don’t want to pay for social care from general taxation
  7. People: we need to get a grip. Politicians: so do you.

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One thought on “People and #socialcare”

  1. I agree Rich.
    It takes the Community to care. I have been reading Erving Coffman and others on stigma, which has been revealing. Because the power of stigma is so strong, it is argued that the most effective way of tackling it is
    1. By educating INDIVIDUALS
    2. By legislation.
    3. By mobilising the public.
    The question remains: how do we do this?

    However, it is not only in Social care that these episodes happen, and for as long as there are examples like the one below occurring in a hospital setting, we are really struggling. It is movingly and powerfully told, by a very able journalist. It made me ashamed to be “one of them” – the Nurses.

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