Strengthening DPULOs Programme monthly update, no.3 (April 2012)

As I blogged yesterday, you could expect two monthly updates from the Strengthening DPULOs programme in a row!. As such, below is a copy of the third update, which was sent to interested stakeholders yesterday. If you didn’t receive it and would like to, just let me know your contact details in the comments or on Twitter (@rich_w) and I’ll add you to the list.

This is the third monthly update about the Strengthening DPULOs Programme, which aims to ensure DPULOs can provide a strong voice for disabled people by being more sustainable. The first is available here and the second here.

DPULOs Making A Difference

We have been working hard over the last month on the first two of our “DPULOs Making A Difference” series.

The first of these will be a set of case studies on the difference that DPULOs are already making in addressing disability hate crime. An update on the work is available here.

We’re also just about to start a second series of case studies on DPULOs and commissioners of public services working together. This could include, for example, examples of

  • Commissioners reserving contracts for DPULOs using existing legislation and regulations
  • Significant contracts being issued for voice/engagement-related work
  • How DPULOs and commissioners have worked together to deliver value for money at a time of austerity
  • Strategic partnerships between DPULOs and commissioners
  • Commissioners working with DPULOs to support their move into new service delivery areas
  • Effective engagement between DPULOs and emerging Health & Wellbeing Boards and local HealthWatch organisations.

If you have an example of excellent work between your organisation and a commissioner, please get in touch by emailing

Facilitation Fund

We are just about to pass through the £500,000 mark for funding we’ve awarded to DPULOs through the Facilitation Fund.

Funding is still available and there are no deadlines for you to submit your application. You can contact your local Ambassador to find out more (see contact details at the end of this email).

Useful resources

One key part of the Strengthening DPULOs Programme is to share learning and useful resources. Some useful links to recent information we’ve published are below:

If you have any learning or resources you’d like to share or have any resources you’d particularly like, please let us know (contact details are at the bottom of this update).


Find out more about the Programme

To find out more about the Strengthening DPULOs Programme, you can visit our website.

We have now “liked” every DPULO we know about on Facebook and will regularly share news from them around the country. If you are on Facebook you can keep in touch with the programme through our regularly updated Facebook page.

If you are on Twitter, you can share information and find out more about DPULOs using the hashtag #dpulo. Every Tuesday night, between 8-9pm, we have a dedicated Twitter discussion – feel free to join us!

As always, we’d be grateful if you can spread the word and publicise this news throughout your networks / newsletters / websites etc. We’d also be grateful for any feedback you have on this regular email.

Contact us

For information, biographies, contact details and details of the areas covered by each of the 12 DPULO Ambassadors covers, please visit the Ambassadors page.

If you have any questions about the Facilitation Fund or any part Strengthening DPULOs Programme, please contact

Please feel free to forward this information on to any DPULOs, networks or stakeholders you think might find it interesting. If you didn’t receive the original email, please share your contact details with us so you can receive our monthly emails.


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