DPULOs Making A Difference: disability hate crime – update

We know that disability hate crime is a serious issue which affects a considerable number of disabled people and those around them each year. The seriousness and extent of the issues – plus its causes and effects – have been captured in a series of reports and publications recently.

Alongside the role of various public agencies, the role of Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations in addressing all aspects of disability hate crime has been well described. Indeed, there are some good examples of how DPULOs have played a significant role in addressing disability hate crime. However, this role and the difference it has made hasn’t necessarily been well understood or publicised.

To address this, the Strengthening DPULOs Programme commissioned a collection of case studies of up to 10 DPULOs that have made a difference in addressing disability hate crime.

The work is being done by Access Dorset (a DPULO itself) and, after asking other DPULOs if they’d like to be a case study, we’ve just finalised the list.

I’m excited by what we’ll get back. Case studies include looking at areas such as:

  • Third party reporting
  • Partnership working and coproduction with the police and Crown Prosecution Service
  • Awareness training and confidence building
  • Working with young people and schools
  • Advocacy
  • Securing and maintaining funding from a range of sources for specific disability hate crime projects

The information I’ve seen already has confirmed what many of us knew: that DPULOs make a significant difference in addressing every area of disability hate crime. It will be great to share the final set of case studies with you (as well as the police, CPS, Home Office, local authorities and others) when they’re done – we’re aiming for June. As Shaw Taylor used to say:

Keep ‘em peeled


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