Summary of #dpulo Twitter chat: 21 February 2012

Last Tuesday, the brilliant Oli Wood – one of the Ambassadors for the Strengthening Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations Programme – started up the regular #dpulo Twitter discussion (see here). Below is a write-up of that discussion, and an introduction to the next discussion, happening this evening at 8pm. Please do get involved! You can read Oli’s original post here.

A big thank you to those who took part or just listened in to the #dpulo chat last week. It was my first as your new host and I hope you all enjoyed it, and will be back on Tuesday February 28 – tonight! – between 8-9 pm for more. The topic last week was:

How do we ensure the wider engagement of people from other equality strands – such as BME, LGBT or gender – in DPULOs?

We had half a dozen or so active participants in what was a interesting and varied discussion. The key themes that emerged were:

  •  Ideally DPULOs should be pan disability and reflect their communities but  some can be quite isolated (@tombassador2ULO)
  • A good way of overcoming isolation is to form local, regional and national networks and look to work in partnership when possible (@tombassador2ULO)
  • Work is needed to support DPULOs to better access infrastructure organisations
  • DPULOs can learn from other equality & community groups & vice versa especially when campaigning (@thehappysalmon)
  • The link between age and impairment but lack of joined up approach was highlighted
  • Strong partnerships can be formed around common goals (@MarkOneinFour)
  • The building blocks of good partnership working are:  shared aim, fair division of labour, agreed outcomes, equitable division of any funds involved (@MarkOneinFour)
  •  Innovation Camp model,  gets people together and gets them thinking about solutions and working together. Used recently by #transcamp was highlighted as a model of working (@MarkOneinFour)

Joining in via Facebook, Ron Moule commented that:

We need to map out what each agency does best, rather than each trying to do everything and trying to gain prestige (driven by funding rivalry). In short, collaboration, focus and honesty.

So partnerships are key to he success of DPULOs and their ability to engage with the most diverse range of people possible. Perhaps partnership working will form a future discussion?

This week’s topic is:

  What value do DPULOs add and how do we measure it?

I look forward to seeing you between 8-9 pm Tuesday February 28th. Don’t forget to catch up with the work of the DPULO programme on Facebook. For more on the programme and for information of bidding for money form the Facilitation Fund go to the ODI website.

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