Social work practices: pilots, pioneers and DPULOs

I blogged a while ago on the Social Work Practice pilots that the Department of Health proposed last year. This was exciting for me, since the benefits of social work practices are almost exactly the same for the benefits that accrue from disabled people’s user-led organisations (DPULOs).

Indeed, I hoped that some DPULOs would be involved in the delivery of the Social Work Practice pilots.

And, indeed, they are. The document embedded at the bottom of this post is a summary I’ve created of all of the Social Work Practice pilots, and includes two in particular – Birmingham and North East Lincolnshire – that are explicitly working with DPULOs.

The good news doesn’t end there. SCIE has recently announced a further 10 Social Work “Pioneer” projects – essentially the same thing as Social Work Practices, but just starting a bit later.

The full press release is here. What’s particularly exciting about this is that a further two sites – another in Birmingham and one in York – are directly involving DPULOs.

This is fantastic, and I’ll share relevant learning and information as the Social Work Practices and Pioneers move forwards.


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