Visiting My Life, My Choice in Oxfordshire

Last week, one of the Ambassadors for the Strengthening DPULOs Programme – Rachael Wallach – visited My Life, My Choice. This is an organisation run by and for people with learning disabilities in Oxfordshire that recently received a grant from the Facilitation Fund for their radio station and website Stingradio.

The offer of My Life, My Choice includes:

  • A Cafe – offering WiFi and also operating as a UK Online Training Centre providing IT skills and training
  • Power up – providing training on working with people with learning disabilities
  • Stingray Club – organising and providing club nights
  • Champions – influencing policy makers to try to prevent people with learning disabilities from the worst of the cuts (e.g. they have met with MPs and have even met with David Cameron). They also influence at a local level (e.g. they have been members of tender evaluation panels)
  • Local groups
  • Travel Buddy Scheme – they are contracted by the LA to provide a travel buddy scheme for people with learning disabilities
  • Up2Us Community – making computers easy to use. They have set up an online community, like facebook, for people with LD in Oxfordshire

Rachael’s visit also coincided with one of My Life, My Choice’s radio broadcasts. They unexpectedly asked to interview her, which you can listen to here: StingRadio news

After her visit, Rachael said:

What really struck me during my visit was [how] My Life, My Choice… really do demonstrate the value that DPULOs can bring both in relation to service user voice and service provision.

We’re really looking forward to seeing how My Life, My Choice continues to develop over the comings months and years.


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