Man walks into a column, no.48: Meditative

As I reach the end of my 2011 blog-a-week-marathon, these posts are becoming as short as the days, and ‘weekly’ only in the sense of always being a week late.

Real life has a habit of rudely intruding upon the pleasurable pastime of blogging, and my offline world has been particularly rude in the last couple of weeks. Which is pretty much all the excuse I need to make my 48th post about mindfulness.

I blogged ages ago about my discovery – initially hesitant – of mindfulness meditation; and despite lapsing out of a regular schedule (just as with the blogging) I consistently find myself returning to mindfulness during particularly busy periods. It is, I have found, a jolly effective safety net.

And so it was with the usual sense of satisfaction I feel when I chance upon an article that brings together two things I’m interested in that I noticed a tweeted link to this post about why bloggers should meditate, by Irish-born London-based author Orna Ross (Orna’s blog is here).

It’s not entirely clear whether when Orna writes about meditation that she is referring to mindfulness meditation (there are several approaches), but I should imagine that the points hold. As well as opening up creative space and fostering insight, meditation can – on a more practical note – free blogging-blockages, help us to care less about potential criticism of what we write, and improve concentration.

Intuitively, these things make sense, or did to me at least, and I would love to think that I could, in the weeks to come, test them out. The challenge, as always, is finding the time. Because meditation rightly takes time. And so does blogging. Bugger!

There’s a risk of becoming evangelical about something that, like mindfulness, works really well for you: it isn’t necessarily right for everyone, and in any case I’m sure that the act of exploring/discovering it for oneself is part of the key to making it stick. But if you are interested in finding out more, The Mindfulness Manifesto is an absolutely excellent place to start.


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