First #dpulo discussion on Twitter: what is a DPULO?

A new discussion will launch on Twitter tonight, associated with the Strengthening DPULOs Programme (on which you can find more here, here and here).

The discussion will be every Tuesday night from 8-9pm, and is an opportunity for people who work or are interested in Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations to chat with each other on various topics of interest.

The first #dpulo Twitter discussion is taking place tonight (Tuesday 29 November) at 8pm.

The purpose of the #dpulo Twitter discussions are to:

  • Enable people associated with DPULOs to share the issues they’re facing and solutions they or others have come across
  • Enable people to share ideas / information / publications / resources they’ve come across with each other
  • Provide a level of peer support and networking for people who work in disabled people’s user-led organisations.

The topic for the first session is, naturally enough: What is a Disabled People’s User-Led Organisation?

As well as sharing information about current and previous (approximate) definitions on what a DPULO is, it would be really interesting to get people’s perspectives on questions such as:

  • How do we ensure the definition and perception of a DPULO covers all disabled people with rights under equality law?
  • How do we ensure the wider engagement of people from other equality strands – such as BME, LGBT or gender – in DPULOs?
  • How do we involve / engage family members and carers in DPULOs?
  • Towards a new definition: is there a better name/title (and acronym!) for capturing the essence of what Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations do?

Please feel free to get involved in the discussion and share your views and perspectives. The hashtag for the discussion is #dpulo. Please do also share details of the discussion with anyone you think may be interested in it.

I’ll write up the discussion in a blogpost afterwards, and share with everyone who took part and is interested in this topic.

(A note about the time: I know there are a couple of other Twitter discussions that take place between 8-9pm on a Tuesday evening, one around local government and a couple around occupational therapy. Having been through a coproduced process, no less, to determine the time people preferred, Tuesday evening came out as the best slot. This, combined with the fact that piggy-backing on some already popular discussions means it feels like a good idea to stick with the time/day people preferred. However, we’ll look at this and see how it goes.)


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