More Ministerial support for DPULOs / #dpulo

Following a recent speech by the Minister for Disabled People, Maria Miller MP, on the importance of Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations (DPULOs), I thought it would be useful to see another speech recently made by the Minister.

Once again, she highlights why DPULOs are important, both in representing the voice of disabled people and in the delivery of services.

An extract from the Minsiter’s speech is below:

At every level we want to see individual disabled people driving change.

And because this is so important, we are investing an extra £3 million to help disabled people’s user led organisations grow and develop.

These grassroots organisations have first hand experience of what disabled people really need.

And stronger, more robust organisations will give disabled people more influence.

Richard Watts from [ecdp] is helping get this project off the ground as joint National Lead with Independent Living and Office for Disability Issues [ODI].

In addition we have appointed 12 ambassadors representing all areas of England. Part of their role is to share expertise and best practice.

We are working to develop a pool of volunteer experts who can help with skills the organisations may lack, for example in human resources, business planning and financial management.

I want every disabled person to have access to a disabled people’s user led organisation.

Because this is the kind of support individual disabled people need to deliver real independence so they can make their own choices, have full control over their lives and achieve their full potential.

You can also watch the Minister’s speech below (the section on DPULOs starts at 2’51”):

A full report of the conference at which the Minister spoke is available here.


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