Announcing a regular #dpulo discussion on Twitter

A couple of weeks ago, I mooted the idea of a regular #dpulo discussion on Twitter, following the excellent example set by #nhssm amongst others.

Since then, lots of people kindly shared their views about such a discussion via a survey and on Twitter, and all agreed it would be a good idea.

As such, I’ll be launching a regular #dpulo discussion on Twitter next week. Discussions will be for people who work in DPULOs, are interested in the work they do or are in a position to commission DPULOs. This is partly in support of the Strengthening DPULOs Programme of which I’m a part (info on which is here, here and here.)

The purpose of such a discussion will be as follows:

  • To enable people associated with DPULOs to share the issues they’re facing and solutions they or others have come across
  • To enable people to share ideas / information / publications / resources they’ve come across with each other
  • To provide a level of peer support and networking for people who work in disabled people’s user-led organisations.

Each week will see a specific topic discussed. Ideas for topics from people who responded to the survey included

  • The definition of a DPULO
  • Ensuring DPULOs work for all impairment groups (including those who don’t identify as disabled people)
  • Social care
  • Hate crime
  • Access to Work / employment issues
  • Contributing to health, and HealthWatch in particular
  • Accessing legal support for disabled people acting as employers
  • Funding
  • Growing an organisation from small to commissionable
  • Why/how to work towards partnership working with local Health Authorities to enable more choice and control for Disabled People
  • Topics that are clearly linked to Twitter to build participation, including use of socmed for DPULOs, specific weeks on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, QR Codes etc.

There are obviously loads of others we could cover, too – please feel free to add suggestions for topics in the comments below.

In terms of the practicalities of such a discussion, the consensus was that the discussion should be weekly, on a Tuesday and in the evening.

Thus (and because of existing diary commitments), the first discussion will take place at 8pm on Tuesday 29 November.

I’ll send out reminders etc. ahead of the day, and will do a blogpost both before and after to capture the learning / resources etc.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone for your interest so far – can’t wait for it to start!


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