Regular #dpulo discussion on Twitter

Every week, @timolloyd runs a really interesting Twitter discussion on a particular topic around social media and health / DH-stuff, using the hashtag #nhssm. It’s at a set time each week, and lots of people with common interests in the health service and how social media can be used in it have a lively debate.

My hunch is that this sort of thing would be particularly useful for people who work in disabled people’s user-led organisations (DPULOs) too. It would also be incredibly useful for me in my role as part of the Strengthening DPULOs Programme to understand further and better current issues DPULOs are facing and what we may be able to do about that.

I’m therefore proposing to run a Twitter discussion for DPULOs on a regular basis and at a regular time, with a chosen theme / area for discussion each time, probably using the hashtag #dpulo. I’ll work up some aims/objectives to be a bit clearer about it, but I think they would broadly be as follows:

  • To enable people to share the issues they’re facing and solutions they or others have come across
  • To enable people to share useful bits and pieces of information / publications / resources they’ve come across
  • To provide a level of peer support for people who work in disabled people’s user-led organisations.

Do people think this is a good idea? If so, it would be useful to get people’s perspectives in particular on what time and day it should be on, and what frequency we hold it.

I’ve thrown together a quick survey to gather answers on the practical side of things. Please also use the comments below to leave any thoughts you have on the aims/objectives of these discussions, and to suggest topics/themes we might want to cover.

You can access the survey here: Regular #dpulo discussion on Twitter survey

Let me know what you think!

I’ll take on board all comments and thoughts etc. until mid-October and aim to start the Twitter #dpulo discussions from then on.


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2 thoughts on “Regular #dpulo discussion on Twitter”

  1. Glad you like the #nhssm chats and thanks for the kind words.
    I’d be happy to help give you a steer as to how to make the chat
    successful. We’ve learnt quite a few lessons already with #nhssm

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