A #dpulo Ambassador @queensmill writes…

Yesterday, I blogged about the people that I’ve met as part of the Strengthening Disabled People’s User-Led Organisation (DPULO) Programme. These are the 12 Ambassadors for the programme: people who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to strengthening and building the capacity of organisations that are run by and for disabled people across all impairment groups.

Importantly, they also provide a local focus to the work the programme is doing.

Berni, an Ambassador based at Southampton Centre for Independent Living, has blogged her own thoughts on being an Ambassador and the Strengthening DPULOs Programme. You can read her thoughts here.

She highlights what drove her to become an Ambassador in the first place:

My decision to apply for the position was fuelled by my passionate belief that all Disabled People regardless of impairment, background or experience have an equal right to be included in society and have choice and control about the way we live our life.

Berni then highlights what the programme is seeking to achieve with DPULOs and her role in that:

DPULOs are essentially about personal development, a shared identity and collective purpose. They are about telling our stories, growing together and ultimately using the whole of our combined experience to bring about change in our local communities and society as a whole.

By building co-productive relationships with commissioners, partners and community agencies, DPULOs raise awareness of the discriminatory barriers that Disabled People face on a daily basis which in turn shape policy and service delivery.

My role as an Ambassador will enable me to use my experience and skills – key tasks will include:

  • Raising awareness about the role and potential of DPULOs.
  • Building capacity across local regions by sharing good practise, attending meetings, training, mentoring, etc.
  • Supporting DPULOs with successful applications to the “Facilitation Fund” – a cash limited fund that will enable DPULOs to make a specific difference to their future sustainability.

Berni talks about her role a bit more here. It’s great to have her on the programme, along with the other 11 Ambassadors.

(Personal note: this is a personal post, not official!)


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