In Control’s Get Connected Network

There is nothing better than the right bit of information coming to your attention at the right time.

For organisations who are involved in social care, and particularly in the personalisation agenda, then In Control’s Get Connected Network is one way of ensuring timely information about what’s going on and good practice in personalisation finds its way to you.

The network is pretty low cost – £50 if you’re a user-led organisation, for example – and has quite a few benefits, including:

  • Access to a member-only web-based learning network with the tools, guides and examples of best practice that are most relevant to you
  • Regular online ‘webinars’ with leading people in the personalisation world
  • Discounted rates on our other support programmes/services
  • A monthly e-newsletter
  • A twice-monthly in-depth media analysis of sector news around personalisation
  • Access to advice from In Control by phone and email.

More information can be found on In Control’s website.

(Note / disclaimer: I have worked with some colleagues at In Control before. I have also been asked to present a “webinar” later this year about the Strengthening Disabled People’s User-Led Organisation (DPULO) Programme.)


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