#vorderman: One from the bottom

Following the success of her appearance on BBC Question Time, Carol Vorderman has re-entered the political arena with the results of her review into numbers and stuff.

As I blogged 2.5 years ago, I wasn’t exactly enamoured with the idea of Vorderman – owner of the Rear of the Year – doing the review anyway. Having listened to her present some of the main ideas of her work on the radio yesterday morning – separate off the hard bits of maths from the easy bits, so far as I can tell – I’m not exactly thrilled with the result (even if she has “shown her working”).

Inspired by the idea of other celebrities being rolled out as tenuous-yet-poorly-qualified advisers on topics of importance, below is a joint effort between some Twitter folks and me of other celebrity-policy area reviews that should be considered forthwith:

View “Vorderman: one from the bottom” on Storify


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