Personalisation and young disabled people

I’m involved in a really interesting bit of work at the moment, working with folks at OPM.

I’ve written here a lot before about adult social care and the personalisation agenda. Working age adults, and particularly people over 65, have been the focus for reforms in the social care world.

But we know that personalisation will be a significant driver in children and young people’s services in the future, too. This is both in traditional areas like education and health, and through Personal Budgets in social care.

We’re seeking to understand how organisations can move towards personalisation. In particular, one organisation – Action for Children (which has commissioned the research) – is keen to understand how it can support the move towards personalisation, particularly in relation to services for disabled children, young people and their families.

To support this, it would be great to hear from anyone involved in the development and delivery of personalised services or who knows about good examples. A formal “call for evidence” can be seen and downloaded below. We will, of course, share the top lines of the findings through here, the OPM website and from Action for Children themselves.

Action for Children call for evidence

Note: this is a work-related post


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