YouTune no.34: Rocket from the Crypt

I have a tendency in making my YouTune picks to apply what one might call a ‘vanity filter’. In what kind of light will this song show me? That of music scholar? Arch lover of self-knowing kitsch? Unabashed stadium rock aficionado? Twat? But then occasionally, rarely, an unfiltered ray of pure tunefulness shines through. After all: this series is all about the tunes. So without further framing, please lean in and enjoy… da-da-DA… da-da-DA… dada-dada-dada-DA…

This was released at the height of what music historians almost certainly won’t call the Age of CD, when bands would release two or, as in this case, three discs – three! – in order to squeeze every penny out of shellsuit wearing teenagers in Swindon. This may be a great song but it’s not one that lends itself particularly well to alternative interpretations by the same musicians… On the plus side each disc did have a picture of a different wild beast, see for example.


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