You Tune no.31: Brendan Benson

For anyone who may be feeling blue, having a crappy week or, in fact, waiting for a girl to ‘make up her m-i-i-i-ndd’, I offer you this tasty slice of forging power-pop from Brendan Benson’s lovely Lapalco album (Benson: the frontman from The Raconteurs that isn’t Jack White).

Unfortunately there’s nowt but shaky live recordings on YouTube, so you’ll have to make do with this. Apparently it’s an ‘unofficial’ music video: I’m glad they pointed out, or I’d never have guessed. Great tune, all the same.

N.B. this seems to be a slightly different version from the one on the album, with the line ‘I need a pick-up and I don’t mean truck’ interpolated with a word that rhymes with ‘truck’. You have been warned.

Lovers of crunchy melodic brilliance can find me twittering away @philblogs. Fans of Mumford & Sons are welcome, as long as you never, ever mention the fact that you’re a fan of Mumford & Sons.


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