links for 2011-01-18

  • "Effective information and advice services are a critical part of the personalisation agenda: they empower individuals to choose support which is right for their circumstances and play a significant role in prevention, early intervention and market management. This review identified that there is considerable variation in progress across the country – with 12% of LAs now fully delivering their I&A services, but 40% have not even achieved the April 2010 milestone of developing an information strategy."
  • "New research, commissioned on behalf of councils, has highlighted the growing significance of people paying for their own care and support ('self-funders') and underlined the importance of people getting the right information and advice when it comes to understanding and considering their options. The two linked reports from the Institute for Public Policy at Oxford Brookes University and Melanie Henwood Associates suggest that people who pay for their own care are not guaranteed greater choice and control unless they are properly advised, but it is also clear that many people do not wish to approach councils to get that advice. Therefore, comprehensive and consistent information about care and support options available to people needs to be provided in different formats and from different organisations."
  • "Self-funders are shunning social services because of perceived stigma and those who do seek help have their low expectations repeatedly reinforced, a damning report concluded today."

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