Access to Work survey – share your experiences

In the last few days, I’ve posted some thoughts on Access to Work (see here and links therein), which feels like it is experiencing a cut in practice if not in name.

The organisation I work for (ecdp) is undertaking a survey to understand (a) the role and support that Access to Work currently provides for disabled people seeking or in employment; and (b) what the good and not-so-good bits about Access to Work are.

If you have any experiences of Access to Work, I’d be very grateful if you would consider sharing your experiences with us. You can access the survey here. Responses and experiences will be used (anonymously) to help inform the work ecdp is doing on Access to Work, particularly feeding into work the Department for Work and Pensions is doing.

An Audioboo of my colleague @fayesavage and me talking about Access to Work is below:


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