Redistributing my tax rebate: an update (updated)

A few days ago I blogged about my good fortune of a tax rebate through the post: £2,460.97 reasons to be relieved.

As I mentioned at the time, realising I’d been fortunate and noting that lots of other people weren’t in the same position, I wanted to give away some of my tax rebate to an organsiation making a difference in their local community.

Thus, I’m giving away £621.97 of my rebate.

Since then, friends, followers and acquaintances on Twitter and in comments here have made many suggestions about who that rebate should go to. Below are the suggestions I’ve received so far – please do take a look at each of them, all doing great work in their local communities.

If you have any suggestions you’d like to add, please send your suggestions to @rich_w or leave them in the comments below by 13 December. Please use the tag #richrebate if you can.

Update (Sunday 12 December): the final suggestions for this have now come through as follows:

From here, I’ll now shortlist 5 organisations and let you know how to vote for the one you think the rebate should go to.


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2 thoughts on “Redistributing my tax rebate: an update (updated)”

  1. My vote is for the Michael Causer Foundation. We need more support for young LBGT people – many of them are thrown out by their families, and can then be at risk of death on the streets thanks to homophobia. The Albert Kennedy Trust does good work around this in London, organising homestay and fostering with LGBT adults, but people are in desperate need in other cities. A neglected area of work that sounds like it could do with support.

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